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Experience a farm in operation, an unforgettable experience...!

Activities in general

We can also organize the following activities:
  • Group tours with horse and carriage
  • Trip with horse & carriage
  • Fishing
  • Spattering at the ditch (3 day package)
A 3-day overnight stay at Hotelboerderij Akkerlust (Groene Hart Logie) in Stompwijk, close to the beach, in the middle of nature, near the big cities of The Hague, Zoetermeer, Leiden. There is everything to see and experience for the children.
Day 1.
Arrival Friday afternoon v.a. 3 pm Just take a welcome cup of coffee to your room, with some sweets from the farm. Then boots on, and with the kids the farm on. Look in all the stables in the newborn lambs, calves, and the `big`koe animals. If you dare, under the guidance of a parent, our Shetland pony Bonny may be brushed, and maybe even walk a round on her back over the farm! During feeding time, one can still help to give a `pap` lamb the bottle. If you want to, you can ride the skelter or mini-tractor over the yard. In the evening, take a good look under the wool on the reed hay-solder, to relax with the sheep still in the head.
Day 2.
We start the day with a hearty farm breakfast, where a lunch pack can be made immediately. We also go cycling, and take a look at the farm Geertje (6k.m.) where they also have pigs and goats. Here we take a drink and cycle on a 'church road' to our beautiful Belvedere area 'De Weipoort `where a real cheese boulevard is! Here, Boeren-Leiden, Boeren-Goudse may. With div. Herbs, and even cheese in the form of a heart (green heart cheese). V.a. On April 1st you can also visit our farmer who makes a delicious farmer's dish and sells from her ice cream parlor, which is located on the farm. At the end of the afternoon (16.30 am.) Back to Farm Akkerlust, to look at the milking of the cows just now. 22 cows are milked here at the same time !! Of course we will feed lambs, pony brushing, & skelter or mini-tractor ride. In the evening, we dare to get tired but satisfied under the wool at Akkerlust, to wake up again and enjoy our last day.
Day 3.
Day 3, of course, starts with a hearty farm breakfast, where you will have a lunch pack for lunch. The kids can look around at the farm for a while, you drink a last bowl of coffee at Akkerlust and then we can end our weekend with a horse-drawn carriage (optional book) through our beautiful recreation area 'De Vlietlanden' .
Package including 2 x overnight stays and breakfast in Hotel farm Akkerlust- 1 day bicycle rental and for each one consumables at Geitenboerderij 't Geertje
Extra options: Pre-booking at your hostess ride with horse and carriage in the area
The luxurious rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, sink, refrigerator, coffee maker, kettle and free use of microwave and WIFI.
  • Bachelorette party Bachelor party
  • Bike rental (all bicycles have 3-speed)
  • More activities near the farm can be seen in the area area