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Experience a farm in operation, an unforgettable experience...!


We have been certified as a training farm since June 2008. This implies, among other things, that for all ages, from 4 to 17 years (primary education, secondary education, special education) we may have i.s.m. The teacher can offer a focused reading package. In addition, the farm is checked for safety aspects, professional approaches and the qualities of the farmer (in) to take care of lessons. The lessons are given according to the principles of experiential learning, bringing visitors with all their senses!
We also have an attractive Old Haystack, with cozy woodland where the groups are received.
Film of a school on the farm (film made by Midvliet TV)

Farm school education

Farm School Akkerlust and Montessorieschool. Watch the movie.
Above you will see a photo of the Open Day Farm School.
Click on the link below for a farm lesson package.
NOTE: It is a PDF file of 33MB. It may take a while before it is fully charged.
Hotel Boerderij Akkerlust is a zoonos-responsible and recognized company.
This means that the Hotel Farm is working neatly and safely, which minimizes the possibility that participants and visitors of the Hotel Farm are suffering from a disease that is transferable from animal to human. The work with the quality mark ensures the safety and health of the participants and visitors.
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - EN - Educatie
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - EN - Educatie
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - EN - Educatie
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - EN - Educatie