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The farm

Our South Holland farm 'Akkerlust' is located in the typical strip village of Stompwijk, near the beach, in the middle of nature, close to the major cities of Den Haag, Zoetermeer, Leiden and about 700 mtr. From the Vlietlanden recreation area and the Leidschendammerhout nature park. Look here for more activities in the region.
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - Peter, Coby en Rik van Boheemen (en hond Bob).

Peter, Coby en Rik van Boheemen (en hond Bob).

Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - Onze boerderij dateert uit 1765 en is nog steeds als veehouderij in bedrijf.

Our farm dates back to 1765 and is still used as a livestock farm. We milk 135 cows, and are the 5th generation on this farm. In the past, this was a farm of a landlord from Den Haag. Opa Piet van Boheemen, (3rd generation) has been able to buy the farm. Now this beautiful farm is run by Peter, Coby and Rick van Boheemen. (Since 2009 it is VOF Akkerlust) The oldest son Niels is sports instructor, but is still available at the farm, and helps where necessary.

Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - Open-Front Ligboxenstal

Open-Front Locker Box

Here are our pink, or teenage cows. In this type of stable, the cows get a thick coat in winter to protect themselves from the cold. Cows can be very good at this. This way you get an old-fashioned strong and healthy beef (formerly the cows were shaved immediately when they went to stall). The cows are milked in a 2x6 fish dairy milk pit where it works well for Peter. Take a look at how this all goes to work and see what happens before the milk is in the store like butter, butter or cheese
Hotelboerderij Akkerlust - MDV-ligboxenstal

MDV locker room

Meanwhile, a MDV stable (Maatlat Sustainable Livestock Farming) has been built with 196 recessed boxes. There are also 2 large straw huts, where the cows can get their calves themselves and another straw box. Between the cows are 2 bulls, which provide for the natural cover. Breeding is being bred to the Dutch Dutch and sustainable MRIJ (Maas Rijn IJssel) beef. At the moment, 135 cows are milked in a 2 x 22 stands Swing Over milk stall from Dairy Master. Take a look from the beautiful attic, and see how this is all about it!
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